Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) for MN-LEND consists of member advisors recruited on the basis of their affiliations and experiences with children or adults who have neurodevelopmental disabilities. The CAC brings together the diverse experiences and training acumen of community partners conveyed through the perspectives of families, community service providers, MCH Title V leaders, parent and self-advocates, policy makers, advocacy agencies and caregivers committed to ensuring that a robust training curriculum, quality mentoring, and collaborative leadership experiences are extended to all LEND Fellows for the duration of their fellowship. The Council formally convenes a minimum of three times during the academic year, as well as by invitation to various MNLEND activities, sessions, and forums.

Community and Research Partners

MNLEND consults and collaborates with many wider community and campus community partners. Many Fellows choose to serve these organizations with their LEND Projects and gain invaluable experiences working alongside community partners.

Partners include:

NOTE: This list is not complete. Let us know if any information is incorrect or out-of-date by contacting Rebecca Dosch Brown at