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Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities

Maternal and Child Health

U of M MCHB Programs

Within the University of Minnesota system, there are 9 programs and centers funded through MCHB, in addition to the MN LEND. The U of M is privileged to be able to provide, with the support of MCHB, a high level of training and quality education to our students and future leaders in maternal and child health

Center for Adolescent Nursing
Program: Nursing

Center for Nursing Education: Children/Special Health Needs
Program: Nursing

Collaborative Office Rounds
Program: Collaborative Office Rounds

Leadership, Education and Training in Maternal & Child Nutrition
Program: Epidemiology

Leadership Education in Adolescent Health
Program: LEAH

Leadership Education in Maternal and Child Public Health
Program: Schools of Public Health

Midwest Center for Life Long Learning in Public Health
Program: Public Health

Public Health Nutrition Training Grant
Program: Nutrition

State Adolescent Health Resource Center
Program: Pediatrics