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Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities

Cultural Competence in ASD Assessment and Diagnosis

Webinar Documents

Drs Amy Esler and Sheri Stronach from the University of Minnesota’s Center on Neurobehavioral development discuss on the opportunities and challenges providing ASD assessments and supports across cultures. Understanding culture plays a critical role in interpreting behavior in both the practitioner and the child. Webinar objectives include:

  • Learn about differences in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) prevalence across cultural groups;
  • Discuss identified barriers to identification of ASD for diverse families;
  • Understand research on racial/ethnic differences in characteristics of children with ASD;
  • Discuss how culture might impact behaviors important for diagnosing ASD.

Webinar Recordings

Due to technical difficulties the webinar consists of two separate recordings. Please begin with Recording 1.